Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Lovely Weekend

I'm back from a lovely weekend away with G. It was one of those weekends where everything felt perfect, even if in reality things weren't. I know, I know, I'm being a bit cryptic here.

We drove up to Oxford on Saturday afternoon. It was very warm and the Lions were playing the Springbok. G has just put me on the insurance of his car so he took the opportunity to shout at the radio whilst I drove and prayed I didn't scratch his little Merc. We pulled into the hotel car park and I knew we were about to step back in time, circa 1967 I guess.

The hotel had that sort of carpet which makes you go dizzy when you look at it, the pattern sort of rushes up to meet you. Mein host was affable enough but when asked for a good restaurant in the area he couldn't help and wasn't really sure about getting a taxi. I would have thought they were pretty easy things to help with. The room was clean but the bed was solid. G started to apologise but it wasn't his fault.

We ended up at The Trout (a pub) for dinner which was beautifully set on a river, with ducks begging to be fed and in fact flying up on the wall really begging to be fed!! G turned out to be a 'twitcher' and had useless facts on the plumage of the drakes (!) We had a lovely meal, great wine and the company was just perfect.

Pity I was awake all night due to a hard bed (I know I've mentioned that already!) and only one window that we could open. Oh yes, and the heating was on, barely, but still on.
The next morning we got up and had the most dreadful breakfast. Dirty cups, orange squash instead of juice and sausages which could easily pass as dog turds. I kid you not! We floated around the city until it was time to meet his cricket chums for the afternoon match against The Heartaches, a team lead by non other than Tim Rice. I could try and tell you I watched enthralled, but I sat watching for when G was batting and bowling. Unfortunately, but probably not unexpectedly, the Allstars lost. So time for a quick drink and then the drive back. I was so tired but very happy & I fell asleep the moment I was cuddled up with G.

What a lovely weekend, even with the dog turd sausages!

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