Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Beautiful Flowers

In the calm before the storm on saturday morning I took some pictures of the flowers in my garden. I just love flowers, all flowers, I don't discriminate!
The red roses are only short lived but they smell so beautiful and it takes me back to the days of my childhood when I spent alot of time with my Nana who had rose bushes growing in her garden. The other childhood smell is of Lilac. It instantly transports me to evenings in their garden, having fun and generally no worries.

The fushcia managed to survive the winter and is back with a vengance. Just look how gorgeous it all is.
The 'storm' was my neighbour knocking nails in the party wall so that the cats can't walk on it and make his dog bark. The 'storm' continued when he soaked me with the hose when I got the nails out, and finally ended when I called the police and they cautioned him for assault! Peace appears to be prevailing and Charlie & I have been back in our garden.

The 'storm' yesterday was speaking to PC World & HP regarding my printer which has already been replaced once. HP don't have a Customer Service department, only a Customer Complaints one, at least it was in the UK & not South Africa where their techy people are. PC World are the biggest waste of time and if I can find a way of never using them again, I will.
Zen thoughts, zen thoughts! Think of my garden to calm me back down!!!

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