Friday, 28 January 2011

It's Nearly February!! Hooray!

So here we are again. Getting to the end of January which I'm really pleased about. January (for me anyway) is the most depresssing month of the year and it seems soooooooooo long. Everyone is a bit miserable as they're giving up something in a new years resolution, or is a bit broke because they're repaying all their Christmas debt. All I want to do is feel some warm sun on my face and not have to wear a big heavy coat.

Now I've got that off my chest I can say nice and happy things, lol!

I've been making some lovely glass things and he's a confession......I haven't made a piece of jewellery all year!! ha! I think I just made so much jewellery in the run up to Christmas that I've lost my jewellery mojo. I'm sure it'll pop it's head back up as I've got some beautiful beads sitting here begging, begging I tell you, to be made into something beautiful.

In the mean time I've been commission to make two Valentine pieces by a very romantic gentleman for his wife. I've made one 'safe' option which is their initials in a heart but I'm allowed to go crazy in the second one so opted for a stylised heart, with copper hearts, cupids & flowers; initials in glass again & more hearts.
My lovely friend Lucy (who makes beautiful silver clay jewellery) asked me to make a coaster for her desk. The design brief was "I was scattered confetti in pink and white".I've also made my first wave mould Poppyfield. There's been quite alot of interest in this already and I love it so I can see me making more. I'm thinking of maybe a cottage garden scene or a bluebell wood.....or the sea. The options are endless and I can't wait to get my hands on some more glass this weekend.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Here I am again after a very busy pre-Christmas sales rush and a post-Christmas rush around the country visiting inlaws (well nearly) & family.

After the shop which after reflection actually went really well, Elisa and I then had a weekend slot at The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth. I woke up on the saturday to find it had been snowing (AGAIN!) but I set off only to get a couple of miles up the road before slipping and sliding deciding that nothing was worth risking my life! The next moring I got up again and set off. Got there ok but the pavement outside the Tower was a skating rink. Not sure if that was the reason or just the absolutely freezing cold weather but the Fayre was a complete disaster for everyone :0( But reviewing the sales I had meant that I did make a good profit which I have squandered on 2 courses with Warm Glass! Can't wait! Oh, and some moulds and some new glass!

The New Year brings resolutions to get fit and lose some weight in a sensible manner ready for an exciting trip to California in May. Also, sitting squeezed into a airplane seat for over 10 hours is an amazing incentment!
Looking to make lots of new glassy things in the kiln and I've got a wave mould coming so I can do 'standing up' pieces and I want to make plates, vases & useful items.