Monday, 23 November 2009

Newcastle is a loooooong way away

It really is! It's just under 400 miles from G's front door to his parent house (which I may add is beautiful) and takes about 6 hours to drive....except of course if you're stuck in the traffic on the M1. There seems to be 2 mile stretches of roadworks with speed limits of 50mph but odd 1 mile stretches of 70mph thrown in for good measure. Of course I hate roadworks but appreciate that the surface needs to be renewed and maintained but what does frustrate me is work that's almost completed and say just needs the white lines painting but they keep it shut with nothing happening. Needless to say, it's annoying but then you see signs saying 'respect for road workers'. I never appreciated that road workers were 'disrespected'. Do people open their car windows and shout abuse about the amount of bum cleavage on display?

Anywhooooo, we were going to our 3rd wedding this year and 2nd at the same venue at The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth. A blustery & wet day but that was ok as we were inside and I had to meet G's extended family. I'm pleased to say they were lovely to me and made me feel especially welcome. His Mum was wonderful and told me how lovely it was to know that her son had found someone so lovely (now I'm blushing) as I'm so wonderful, kind and generous! It's not a wonder that I'm so modest!!!

We had a lovely day and the wedding went off without a hitch. G's second cousin who is only 3 stole the show by laughing especially loud at the Best Man's speech. I'm convinced she'd been paid.

If there was a small moan to be had, it was that our room was quite small and had lots of pine furniture in it. And the bed was solid! Whilst getting up in the middle of the night to regain some of my circulation I managed to stub my little toe on this little coffee table. You can only imagine me trying to muffle my cry and swear words to try and not wake G up. Fortunately, he sleeps like his had about 15 pints and is out like a light.

We drove back the next morning. I was negotiating the Tynemouth Tunnel when I saw a flashing safety sign. Getting closer, and closer it read.........'X Factor, Vote Joe'. That's where your road tax goes to people!!! :0)

G & I are now house hunting. Fortunately we are singing off the same hymn sheet as far as requirements go. We want 4 bedrooms. G wants a study, a spare room, our bedroom and then another room. G has hinted I can have it as a craft room, but he's secretly harbouring hopes for a pool table!