Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Here I am again after a very busy pre-Christmas sales rush and a post-Christmas rush around the country visiting inlaws (well nearly) & family.

After the shop which after reflection actually went really well, Elisa and I then had a weekend slot at The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth. I woke up on the saturday to find it had been snowing (AGAIN!) but I set off only to get a couple of miles up the road before slipping and sliding deciding that nothing was worth risking my life! The next moring I got up again and set off. Got there ok but the pavement outside the Tower was a skating rink. Not sure if that was the reason or just the absolutely freezing cold weather but the Fayre was a complete disaster for everyone :0( But reviewing the sales I had meant that I did make a good profit which I have squandered on 2 courses with Warm Glass! Can't wait! Oh, and some moulds and some new glass!

The New Year brings resolutions to get fit and lose some weight in a sensible manner ready for an exciting trip to California in May. Also, sitting squeezed into a airplane seat for over 10 hours is an amazing incentment!
Looking to make lots of new glassy things in the kiln and I've got a wave mould coming so I can do 'standing up' pieces and I want to make plates, vases & useful items.

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