Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Today is a VERY exciting day! Elisa & I have the shop!! Ok, so it's not that exciting if you're not involved but it's been a long time coming.

The other ladies involved are Lucy & Vidiya who make jewellery and pottery. Unfortunately we lost our graphic artist, but not to worry.
We set up the shop last night and it is FULL to the seams. And there I was worried that I wouldn't have enough stock. But it's the unexpected.

We are due to have a full house on our preview evening (tonight!!!) but I'm guessing we'll be very quiet the rest of the week. I'll get some photos tonight and give you an update soon.

I've been busy playing with the kiln, finally I hear you say! I've fired it up twice and I've managed to get a few good items already which I really pleased about. G was away on Monday night, and laying in bed I could hear a gentle hum. I suddenly realised that our bedroom is over the garage and that should the kiln decide to explode during the night, then we will feel the full force of it.....not that that'll ever happen. But it kept me awake for hours!Pop over to my Folksy shop where you'll find lots of lovely Christmas gifts and if you don't find anything you like in my shop, then you're bound to find it elsewhere on there.

Take care! x

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