Thursday, 25 June 2009

I've been adopted!

Yes, sorry Mum & Dad, I've been adopted by someone else. It's a big black cat called Thomas.

A few months back I noticed that Charlie's food seemed to be going down alot quicker than normal but he didn't seem to be getting any fatter! Then one evening I went out to the kitchen to grab a cuppa and there he was, scoffing Charlie's food! I shooed him back out the cat-flap and hoped that he'd be afraid of me and not come back.

The next time I saw him he was sitting in the upstairs hallway, just having a lay down (like you do).

Then after that he was in the kitchen and when he saw me he nuzzled up against my leg. To this cat I'm obviously as scary as a big, squidgey marshmallow.

So I thought I be clever and shut the cat flap so he (and Charlie unfortunately) couldn't get in and this worked until I left the upstairs bedroom window open! D'oh! Charlie & Thomas could BOTH get in even though I thought Thomas was far too fat.

I had my bath replaced and E's boyfriend was taking the old one away for me, but Thomas found a little home in the shelter of it. Anyone would think he was a stray but he has a collar with a tag and phone number on it and his owners are probably wondering where he goes and what he gets up to.
Last night I came home and found Charlie & Thomas in the garden, catching the last of the suns' rays. Thomas saw me, no fear and continued to lay there. He even looked up obligingly for a photo call. So I guess he's definitely adopted me. Can I help it if he loves me???

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