Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Why is it so difficult to get a good photo?

Why oh why is it so difficult to photograph jewellery? I really struggle with it, and when you're selling your heart and soul online those photos are what makes or breaks the sale.

I looked at tutorials which have in the first instance been really informative & helpful and I've even found out where the macro setting is on my camera!! Then I worked out WHY it was such a useful little button!!

I take my photos, post them up in the hopes of not making a mint, just funding my hobby and having the pleasure that somewhere out there, someone is walking round in a pair of earrings/necklace/bracelet that was handcrafted by me.

My latest craze is to 'stage' my pictures. I've seen other online sellers with tastefully placed items such as books and feathers and what you can see in these photos are the fruits of my attempts. I asked E to pass me the book, only to find it was 'Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl' and every page I opened was littered with, hmmm, let's say words of a sexual nature! Maybe that would have created more interest in my jewellery!
My most favourite and most visited website is http://www.piknic.com/ which will allow you to give you more colour, more exposure, crop, rotate etc etc on your pics. It's not that I want be fake in anyway but I do want to show what my lovely jewellery really does look like! Apart from going out and buying a light box or investing is a super-duper, top of the range camera then this is going to be as good as it gets! For now anyway!

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