Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Catch up

It's been a long time, I know, but I have been very very busy!

First, G & I moved in together on 1st March. G bought a lovely 4 bed house in a small market town in Hampshire. With a garden big enough for Charlie cat, a study, a craft room for me & a garage which I intend to turn into a craft studio....ooooooooooooooooooooohhh! How lucky I am!

We moved in on the same day, so we had 3 vans at the house with men running in and out. We unpacked quickly and managed to get settled. I'd like to say the house was all sorted, but not quite. We're getting there. There's a bit of manueourving about to do, but on the whole most things have a home.

The garden is beautiful. There are roses of all colours, clematis, honeysuckle to name a few. I would like to plant a magnolia tree and I've bought a olive tree to sit on the patio.

We've both had birthday's in the house and it feels like home. I'm very happy there and I know G is too.
So what's been happening on the craft front, I hear you scream. Well, after a distarious May Day Fayre where we sold hardly anything (and it was blinking freezing) E & I decided that we would stick to jewellery parties initially. They work for us, we have a good time, have a couple of drinks and if anyone buys anything, that's great, if not, well we've still had a good time. In saying that we have been asked to host a table at a Ladies Night at the Grosvenor Casino in Southsea. Fingers crossed for a successful selling night.
E & I have also had a chance to start doing some fused glass jewellery. We started by doing a saturday course at Making Space http://www.makingspace.org/ I absolutely love it! It's amazing that you can slap a load of dodgy cut glass onto another dodgy piece of glass and when fused it comes out wonderfully smooth. That's not to say it's not without its cock ups and disasters, but that's all in the learning curve I guess. I'm also waiting to get my bulk fuel adaptor sorted out (when the garage is sorted) so I can start doing my bead making again. I've had a go again at E's house and we also had a road trip to Flame Off 2010 where I realised how crap I am and how much I need to learn. E & I also had a road trip to Madrid. Amazing place but I had run ins with 2 pickpocket attempts....more to come of these subjects as I've rambled on far too much. Guess that happens when you don't write for 7 months!!!!

I will be back, I promise!

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