Monday, 21 June 2010

Glass glass glass glass glass

E & I had a great day with Kate O'Connell at Making Space on saturday making fused glass jewellery.
Imagine....3 women, 1 ipod, & a loads of glass! It was such fun. It was an open access day which means which there isn't any specific tuition, a specialist is on hand to help. Poor Kate must have been fed up with E & I saying....'And Kate, what happens if.....' or 'And Kate, will this work if I do that.....' Amazingly, I only cut myself once and it was only a tiny little one. I thought I had made loads of things, and then I looked at E's outpouring of creativity. She made at least double what I had! Sheesh, and she's so creative! Hate her! (no, love E-bird!)The thing with glass is that when you put it together in your mind, it looks fab! It's this amazing creation which is fab and funky. Unfortunately, more often than not when you get it back, it just hasn't turned out as you had planned. I'm guessing you lose about a third, if not more, of all your work because it looks naff. It also doesn't help that some glass changes colour, so you THINK you've overlaid clear on your stunning creation, when in fact, it's a milky white. So your beautiful pendant suddenly looks like a cataract! Let me tell you, it ain't pretty!

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