Thursday, 1 July 2010

Is it done yet?....

......was my first question at my glass class on Monday. I of course, was meaning my mosaic dish that I had spent the whole class on the previous week. The whole day I'd had visions of coming into the studio and it sitting there in all it's beauty and wonderment.

Unfortunately not!

It looked as flat as a pancake, but a lovely pancake. It has been fused once so that the coloured glass 'squares' (that should read 'odd shaped, sort of square, but maybe more like rectagles') have all melted in, and as we sat in the class Kate slumped the disc in the bowl mould. So next week, I should walk in and find my mosaic dish sitting there, in all it's beauty and wonderment, along with my pre-slumped mosaic soapdish and poppy tile.

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