Monday, 5 July 2010

Who will buy?

Since I've posting on Folky I've been having a crisis of confidence. It's daft but bear with me.

I've been selling via jewellery parties, Facebook, Etsy & the like for the part 18 months now and I will be the first to admit that I'm not perhaps the most creative of people, but the jewellery that I make is of good quality & is well made. I take utmost pride in my work and would be mortified is something broke.

But I can't seem to get up and running with Folksy. I'm having lots of views, and people are adding the shop and individual items to their favourites list, but no-one wants to committ. And it makes me a little bit sad. Here's my sad face :0( to prove it.

Anyhow, I did however sell my first glass pendant (top pic) on Etsy to a lady living in Texas. Who'd of thought that someone all that way away would want something of mine!?

But today bought presents! A bag from Elissa from Folksy. Her web address is It's absolutely darling and very well made.

And also some beads from redside designs Beautiful things, just for me and no-one else!

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