Friday, 24 July 2009

Poppyfields Design

Well I've finally managed to get it all done! That's right, my online jewellery sales shop is up and running. The address is

I know I was going to be called something different but wouldn't you know that when I went to register the name, it was gone! How annoying.
It's amazing how long these things take to do. Once I had made the decision I had to frantically start making things and if the creative juices aren't flowing, there's not alot you can do about it.

Even when you make the pieces, the next challenge is to photograph them. Luckily E found an great online tool which does amazing things to decidely average photos. It's at You can lighten, darken, improve the colouring, put your name on......on and the list goes on.

Pricing is tricky. You want to sell, but you also want to get something for your time in making and your ability to be able to make, but not rip anyone off. My idea is that I'm only making things that I like, so if no-one buys, then at least I'll be left with jewellery I'm happy to wear.
The final challenge is putting them all up online. Goodness, how many different ways can you say 'this is a lovely bracelet'?

So have a look, please, and I'd love some feedback on my designs.
Happy friday, G is playing cricket all weekend so I have the weekend free to do all sorts of jobs. Mosaic tiling in my cloakroom...looking forward to it! :0)

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