Friday, 22 May 2009

I'm a bit shy.......ah, not really!

Well hello! I'm new to this place, want to show me around? Tell me where all the good places are to hang out? Where and who to avoid?

So this is the first post which I'm hoping is going to be the hardest and the rest will just flow from the virtual 'pen'. I'm not quite sure what to say so how about I tell you a bit about me, and if you're still reading at the end then that's gotta be a bonus!

My name is Lara and I live in Southsea, a hop and a skip to the pebble-y beach. I live in a little house which is called Poppyfields with Charlie my beautiful and very timid cat. I have a lovely boyfriend called G and it's all going well (just don't tell him I said that otherwise he'll think I want to get married!)

I run my own business which is great and employ my friend Elisa, which is great. I work on the basis that I won't ask her to do anything I wouldn't do and in return I get someone who gives 100% and doesn't take advantage of our friends status.

Elisa & I share a passion for crafts, specifically jewellery making. And I hope to be able to share with you some of my creations and maybe offer you some tips and hints for getting started along with anything else that I manage to create. I'm currently attending an evening class in metal/silver smithing, and am soon to graduate from the intermediate level. So every Tuesday evening I get to take my frustration out with a hammer on a very scared piece of metal! (Be afraid, very afraid!) I hope to get some pictures up soon of some of the things I've made and show you just how easy it is!

So apologies for this loooooooooooong rambling, keep with me, this could be fun!!

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