Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Back to Work Blues

It's been such a lovely weekend, only partically clouded by a bit of bad news which I won't go into and now it's back to the office and back to do some work. At least it's raining, and in my funny topsy turny logic that's ok because I don't feel I'm missing out on any sunshine.

G & I bought a BBQ, (our first joint purchase :-) ) and G then spent a very long time putting it together. He was quite calm initially but began to lose his cool towards the end. I sat & watched and daren't say a word. We ended up with a slightly wobbly BBQ with a few screws left over (why does that always happen?) and a promise never, ever ever to buy cheapo flat packed goods ever again!

My garden is now beginning to come on. When I bought my house just over 18 months ago there was just grass and a small patio so I've had to dig out some beds for plants & start stocking the garden. This year I'm also growing some tomatoes and strawberries. Not enough to worry the providers of Wimbledon, but hopefully enough for a small bowl with some cream.

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