Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Beads are better than SEX!!!

Or maybe I'm just not doing it right?!?!

Here are just some of my beads, ready and waiting for me to have some inspiration and make them into something lovely.

Inspiration is a funny thing. You can sometimes look at the beads you have and a million and one ideas suddenly come to mind. Other times you can ponder, pair some up and nothing happens.

I guess, just like sex, if you're not in the mood,
well, it's not going to be great is it.

Looking in the box I can see some beautiful colbalt blue, hand made glass beads which are begging to be used. And I know I have some tiny blue sapphire briolettes which call out to me every time I open the box, along with some citrines and rubies. Obviously low grade, I'm not a millionaire or anything!!!

This poor little box was the first jewellery making box and now it's broken, and all sorts of odd bits and bobs get thrown in. But I spy some gems in there too! I can see some cherry quartz, red coral and dyed red jade. And at the top there are some lapis lazuli screaming 'get me out of here now!'

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