Thursday, 28 May 2009

By the Sea

After yesterdays very rainy day it was lovely this morning and wake up to some sun. G has been in Rome for the European Cup Final and had texted me to tell me about the lovely weather there. But since ManU lost 2-0 to Barcelona, there have been no texts. I can only assume he's gone into mourning. He's flying back this afternoon, wearing black no doubt.

Anyway, after a little visit this morning from Charlie.....

I left for work this morning and decided to drive along the seafront. If I'm feeling a bit blue or down in the dumps it always manages to lift me. This isn't the place for explanations but it's fair to say I've felt better and am in need of a massive injection of....well, I don't know what, but I do know that seeing the sea makes me feel 100% better.

The beach was empty except for a couple taking a stroll, and there wasn't even any joggers which is a rarity. I took a couple of deep breaths as well as a few photos and I felt a little better.

I really love living by the sea. Last year was my first full summer here and the weather was so poor I didn't really get the chance to fully experience all that Southsea has to offer. But I am confident of a summer of sunshine and I'll try and ensure I have plenty of photos of local events. There's a big D Day event on the common on the 6th June with swing bands, marching bands and lots more. I'll be there!

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