Tuesday, 22 February 2011

No, not another diet

For some of you who know me, you will know I'm a big girl. And when I say 'big girl', I mean I'm fat :0( Now, my boyfriend loves me, my friends love me & my family love me, but there's a little bit inside me that really dislikes this!

I've always been big, from about the age of 10. Probably not huge but bigger than the other kids in my class & I went from being a fat kid to a fat adult. Men still found me attractive, I got married, then divorced and subsequently 'involved' again so I can't be that unattractive can I?

I've done countless diets to the point that I don't have a set of scales in the house. But it's all come to a head, or it did last year when travelling on a plane. G & I were sat in 'emergency exit' seats and the seatbelt wouldn't do up and I had to sit on my own, feeling embarrassed and humiliated. I promised myself that I wouldn't fly again like that!

After Christmas we booked a holiday of a lifetime to California. We're flying into LAX and driving from Monterey down to San Diego. There's lots to see and do and I want to make the very most of it. And of course, there's the 10 1/2 hour flight to get through. I started swimming in January with hopes of a sensible eating plan & exercise that would shed not just a few pounds, but some inches around my hips, bum & tum. I also signed up to the Swimathon to ensure I kept to the exercise until at least April.

Then, out of the blue an email arrives saying 'Get Gastric Band Hypnosis for 1/3'. I work in a business centre and one of the clients is a Hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss & she wanted volunteers to take part in her 5 session programme to lose weight for 1/3 of the normal price. I'd never been hypnotised & don't want a gastric band but I was up to give it a go.

I've had 3 sessions so far, with only 1 hypnosis session for Emotinal Freedom. This is to help with issues that may be interfering with the weight loss process. I've been weighed and measured and have so far lost 10 1/2 inches, (pretty much 2 inches all over) and now showing some good results as my clothes are looser and the programme I'm on means I'm never hungry. That's not to say that I don't have to have control over what and how I eat.

I'm having my hypnotic gastric band fitted tomorrow morning. When I'm in a trance my therapist will talk to me about losing weight and she will play a soundtrack of a patient being fitted with a gastric band, therefore making me think I have one and help reduce the amounts I eat.

Diets are the most boring of subjects, so well done if you're still with me! I'll keep you posted with the ongoing results but I'm not going to bore you senseless with this! Wish me luck!


  1. This is absolutely fascinating and I will be following you with fingers crossed that it all works out well. Good for you xx

  2. Hi Lara, we met at making space on a glass course. I just wanted to say that I have added your blog to my happiness blogs. I hope you don't mind. I will give you a mention too! http://mythreetreesstudio.blogspot.com/