Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I'm Poorly.......

yes, I've not been well over the last couple of days. To bore you with the details, I had a scratchy throat when G & I went out on saturday evening. This little tickle kept raising up and I kept swallowing to keep it at bay, especially as we were in the cinema at the time.

Sunday morning came and I just wasn't feeling myself and by the afternoon my head was burning up. But I kept going as I had the design idea in my head for the fused glass seascape.

The seascape is a slow process as I want it to be textured & slumped.....and just perfect! (It's tack fusing as we speak in the kiln)

In the meantime I made another little item called 'Bluebell Wood' & hope you like it.

Back to the story, yesterday I spent the day at home poorly. I'm not a good patient. I want to get out of bed and do enjoyable stuff rather than just laying there groaning & moaning. And there was no-one of groan & moan too as G had gone to work.

So I've got myself into work today inflicting my germs on Elisa.....sorry hon!


  1. Hope you get better soon and I love this wood glass picture - absolutely stunning

  2. I love Bluebell Wood. It's beautiful. Hope you be get better soon and look forward to seeing more work from you.