Friday, 4 February 2011

February Valentinos!

I'm pleased to announce I have FINALLY made a piece of jewellery this year! It's only February and I run an online JEWELLERY shop!!! My mojo had deserted me but it seems to have made it's way back to me.

It's good that it has come back because I've joined the Folksy February listing club. This is where you have to list something new everyday and the idea is that you support and help your fellow club members and get more sales. That's the general idea but this doesn't seem to happening with me yet, but hey, it's on the 4th Feb and I'm not sweating about it!

I've also drawn the lovely Natalie Ofkants of NofkantsCurios www.nofkantscurios/shops/ in the Valentines Swap. I thought it was a general swaperoo and was a bit thrown when I found out it had to be heart related! D'OH!!! Fortunately I've managed to get something together which I think she'll love but I can't show it yet as it'll spoil the surprise!

I've also finished the commissioned pieces for a gentleman who wanted a piece of fused glass with his and his wifes' initials in a Valentines gift. He asked me to make 2 pieces to chose from. My favourite is the picture at the top. Fingers crossed that she loves it.

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  1. I'm sure she'll love the commissioned piece, its beautiful! Good luck with the Feb listing club!

    Katie x