Friday, 26 November 2010

Exciting Times

Elisa and I held a Jewellery Party at the home of the Lovely Lucy last friday. We love going to Lucy's as she always invites a fun crowd, so it's always very lively with lots of drinkies flowing (soft drinks only for me as I was driving - boo!)

We arrived and set up whilst trying to chat to her young son who is 6. He was enthralling Elisa with tales of his 16 girlfriends and how he climbs out of his window at midnight to go and see them. Methinks too many vampire films or Count Duckula???

We had the most amazing night of sales! Basically, if it wasn't nailed down or reserved for others then the jewellery flew off the table. Some people bought 4 or 5 items. I didn't get home until 1 in the morning but I didn't care. I promptly went to Monsoon in Chichester and spent the whole takings on a sparkly top for my 80s Disco Party, a beautiful red scarf, earrings (yes, I know!) and lots of other silly things.

We've also been offered the chance to sell to up to 60 ladies in a college & also the possibility to have stock in a shop in Petersfield. That's early days yet but I can see it doing really well based on who will be running it!
I hope you all have great plans for the weekend. I have Lucy (a different one) & Elisa coming over to do beady things tomorrow and then we may have to have a Kir Royale or 3 before tucking into chinese takeaway. Fortunately for G, he is at football in Manchester and won't be home til well after we've passed out!

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