Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shop!! - 8-12th December 2010

Twice in two days! I know, it's a record! But I thought it was time to really make an effort with the blog, so here I am again.

More news which I haven't told you about is that Elisa & I are having a shop, YES, a shop!!! Well, only for a week but given the amount of thought and planning required it's probably a good job it is only for a week.

We're holding a Christmas Gift Fayre to promote our crafty friends and will be selling jewellery, pottery, glass & graphic illustrations.

We've sat down today and talked through our plan, which mainly just involves turning up and hoping that our marketing campaign has worked. We've ordered flyers and will get some airtime from a local radio station on the day & get some local paper exposure.

Oh, and we've ordered some paper bags & black velour material for our tables. You've got to love it haven't you!!!

Main points are it's the Pop Up Shop, Market Way, Portsmouth, Hampshire and we'll be open properly for trade from 7pm on 8th December until 5pm on 12th December! We very much hope that you'll pop in and see us!

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  1. That's great about the shop. Am in Southampton too - where will it be? Will pop along and say Hi :-)