Friday, 21 August 2009


Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! I'm really excited! E & I are going to Venice next week for the Bank Holiday. I'm not quite sure why I've suddenly got so excited seeing as it's been booked since March or April but I am!

I've bought a guide book and we've managed to locate our hotel on the map. That may sound a bit dense but if you've ever seen a Venice street map then you'll know what I'm talking about! We're staying in a little hotel which is a stones throw from the Rialto Bridge, which is only then a hop & a skip from St Marks Square.

So I suddenly have the urge to make a list of things I need; sun cream, mozzie cream, after sun, 10 pairs of shoes, 16 changes of clothes, etc etc. Men, why do they make you feel like you take too much stuff on holiday with you. So what if I do want to take 10 pairs of shoes, they fit in the case and I'm the one dragging it through the streets and I have the weight allowance on our luxury travel conveyor (Easyjet to you!) I am slightly concerned about getting my bum in the seat and getting the belt around me to fit, it's always a bit of a squeeze but one day I won't be able to push my flab above the belt!

I told a work colleague we were going and she said stepping in the Rialto Bridge was like stepping into a 17th Century Oil Painting, which sounds kind of magical and awe inspiring. I hope I don't fill up like I did when G & I went to see The Last Supper.

I have told E that I want to get up at the crack of dawn and get to St Marks at say 7 oclock in the morning so I can take photos without millions of tourists in everyone else has that idea. She said 'ok, we can get pissed on sunday night'. G will be in Edinburgh when I'm away, on a stag night. I'm slightly happier at his location. It was supposed to be Hamburg but the guys were all 'nipple tassel'ed out and are going for the paint ball option!

Sorry no photo today...maybe next week.

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