Friday, 28 August 2009

Venice & All Things Jewellery Related

So the big day has arrived, actually two big days have arrived!

Firstly, and probably more importantly for my future, today I can apply for my Decree Absolute. This means I will officially be divorced when it comes through. It seems an awfully long time to wait (6 weeks & 1 day) from the Decree Nisi but I guess it makes people think about what they are doing and the full implications. The worst bit for me have been the dreams; my dad dying, E dying, moving out of the marital home but moving just up the street next to a cemetery. The common theme seems to be death and I guess that's fairly understandable as I would have been married for 19 years this year and it's quite a big thing to get over.

Secondly and far more exciting, E & I are off to Venice tomorrow!! :0) Our flight is at 8.10am so it means a really early start but not even that can quell my excitement. We've thought about going for so long so it's a bit of a surprise that we haven't really planned what we are going to do when we get there. So we had a chat and we've decided that we aren't going to do the whole 'running around, looking at things for 2 secs and take a photo' thing but generally just amble about and take in the flavour of Venice. That's not to say we won't visit St Marks (or San Marco to us who know the lingo) with its' Basilica and of course we are staying right next to the Rialto Bridge. My only plan is to ensure I get a photo of an empty gondola tied up at the end of the afternoon with the sun going down, actually I'll just be happy to get some photos without millions of tourists in it..........and buy lots of BEADS from Murano so I can truthfully say 'Murano Bead Jewellery' without my nose growing like Pinnochio! I had a look at Etsy and the amount of people who say 'Murano....' when you KNOW it just isn't!!

E & I have just had a trial run at making our own ear wires and found it to be quite easy. That's not to say that there isn't a knack. Never again do I have to put boring earwires on my earrings....well, I do until I get the cup bur tool which rubs the rough edges down so your don't have blood dripping from your ear.

So 'Ciao' till next week!!

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