Friday, 30 October 2009

Life Is Good

When I made my last post I'd completely forgotten to tell you about G & I's trip to Italy in September. How could I forget! This was my third visit to Italy this year (Milan, Venice & in the middle of no-where but vaguely near Perugia). We had an amazing time. We chilled out by the pool, we ate well, we slept well, we ......, well you get the picture! Apart from the mad drivers, and I'm discounting G at this point everything was good! Those Italian drivers, sheesh, they are loco! They just drive in the middle of the road & completely ignore the speed limits even though there appears to be speed cameras everywhere. Probably just for us Johnny Foreigners.
Anyway, we visited Siena, Lake Tresimeno & did a spot of wine tasting at Montepulciano. Mmmmmmmmmmm, except, we could see the grapes, we were almost within touching distance of them but the wine cellars were few and far between. The scenery was breathtaking and seeing as I bought a calendar, I can re-live it every day next year. Oh yes, the calendar purchase....when I had viewed nearly every calendar in Siena G lost the plot and said in a slightly loud voice, 'JUST GET ONE, THEY'RE ALL THE SAME!!' Ok ok, keep your wig on! Probably the only downside was that at the house, a Belgium family had the most adorable Old English Sheepdog puppies, yes, two bundles of fun. G has a phobia of dogs to the max, which I really feel for him about. Luckily after G explained to them the problem they ensured the dogs were always restrained. But I so desperately wanted to play with them! It was difficult but I knew I couldn't do it. Ah, but now my big news......drum roll please! G has finally asked me to live with him. I say finally because we've been talking around this subject for some months now. I knew he wanted to but G is ultra cautious and he wanted to be 100% certain, which is fair enough. He is going to buy a house for us & I will let mine. So we are going 'area shopping' at the weekend, and I'm very excited! I love moving house, I'm a freak, I know.

Poor Charlie who is already jealous of G will have his little nose put out of joint, but hey, he's a cat, he'll have to get over it. And yes, G has agreed to let me have a craft room, I know, MY OWN CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey L, so happy about your news. Jealous of the craft room too! Speak soon. B. X