Sunday, 25 October 2009

Here I am!

Goodness me, it's been 7 weeks or so since I was last here.....sorry, sorry, sorry!!!!! It's funny, only the other day I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't bother with this sometimes self indulgent blog malarkey but this morning I woke up to find the loveliest of emails in my FaceBook inbox. It's from a lovely lady called Kemi who wrote and thanked me for writing in such an honest format and speaking about things which hurt but in a positive way. That meant a huge amount to me. You write things here and assume no-one is reading......shows how wrong you can be!

Ok, so what's happened in the time you've, sorry, I've been away? Bloody loads! G & I have had our first 'anniversary'. Aaaaaahhhhhh, I hear you say. To celebrate he booked for us to spend the night at a lovely hotel in Surrey which had a Rat Pack tribute night. It was a great night. It was a night I learnt many things. Firstly, life does go on and that romantic love you think you'll never recapture can come again. And secondly, G has two left feet and when he told me he couldn't dance.....he wasn't lying! Darn it! I just love to dance! The best bit of the night was the people we were sitting with. Without wanting to sound middle classed, hoity-toity, they were working class with money South Londoners. Tommy even had his own gold tooth pick on a chain round his neck which Rose had bought him as he tore beer mats to shreds picking his teeth! But they were lovely, friendly people.

My Decree Absolute has come through and I am officially single again. It's very sad but definately the right decision. S & I had many wonderful years together but we are now very different people. We keep in touch and I have met his new girlfriend and she is just lovely & much more suited to him.

What is kinda weird and freaky is that S's g/f invited E & I to do our first jewellery party over at their house!!! They invited G but he feld odd about it. Getting over the fact that it could have been awkward, but it was a great night. E & I sold loads of things, and all the things I didn't expect to. The room was buzzing with interest and I loved every minute of it! We are now booked in for a jewellery party at a belly dance show and we have a stall in our office work place on 4th Dec.

Life's good and I'm appreciating feeling happy again.

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